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Also the #1 in sports loves dringking mate.

Also the #1 in sports loves dringking mate.

What we think are the top five reasons why Messi drinks mate:

1. Tradition: Mate is deeply rooted in Argentine culture and is a traditional drink shared among friends and family. Messi, being Argentine, likely grew up with this cultural practice and continues to enjoy it as a way to connect with his roots.

2. Relaxation: Mate is known for its calming properties. It contains caffeine but in lower amounts compared to coffee, providing a gentle energy boost while promoting a sense of relaxation. Messi may find this beneficial for unwinding and reducing stress.

3. Socializing: Sharing mate is a social activity. It is common for people to gather in groups, passing around the mate gourd and drinking from the same metal straw, known as a bombilla. Messi, like many others, may enjoy the communal aspect of mate, as it allows for conversations and bonding with teammates, friends, and family.

4. Focus and Concentration: Mate contains a natural compound called mateine, which is similar to caffeine. This stimulant can enhance mental alertness and focus. Messi, as a professional athlete, may find mate helpful for maintaining concentration during training sessions and matches.

5. Hydration: Mate is prepared with hot water and is often consumed in significant quantities. While it does have diuretic properties, the hydration provided by the water in mate can still contribute to Messi's overall fluid intake, helping him stay hydrated throughout his rigorous physical activities.

You can find Messi's designs mates HERE
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