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100 Ct Buttermints Individually Wrapped Thank You After Dinner Mints Hospitality

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100 Ct Buttermint Individually Wrapped Thank You Mint Candy Wedding Candies

These soft buttermints display a printed "Thank You" message right on the wrapper, and your customers are sure to take notice!
They make the perfect ending to any meal and will leave your customers feeling refreshed and satisfied.
Increase the likelihood that your customers will visit your establishment again soon by offering these smooth, irresistible white buttermints!
Packed with minty, sweet flavor, these breath-freshening mints satisfy customers with their melt-in-your-mouth texture and exceptional quality.
Since they're individually-wrapped, they offer a clean and sanitary appearance that all of your patrons are sure to appreciate.
Just drop them off with the check or leave them near your door or cash register, and guests can grab one to go as they leave your restaurant or cafe.
Individually Wrapped
Made in America