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3rd Championship of Argentina - World Cup Champion 2022 Tribute Mate - Messi Ceramic and Alpaca handmade

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World Cup Champion 2022 Homage Mate - Messi Ceramic and Alpaca handmade 

Elegant ceramic mate gourd that comes with an alpaca straw (called bombilla).<br>
This Gourd is more special since is a Messi 10 gourd. Made of fine ceramic and alcapa details.

The rim of the gourd and details are made of alpaca.

Beautiful handmade design of the most famous soccer player, Messi.

The straw comes with a handmade world cup design on it made of alpaca as well.
This gourd is one of a kind.

It is ready to use right away, doesn’t need curing

Makes a great gift.

There are three elements needed to drink mate, as well as hot water. The first is a mate, the second is a straw (bombilla), and the third is the leaves of the yerba mate herb (not included).

The straw has an extra large filter.

To drink mate is a tradition that brings people together. The mate gourd is refilled and passed around in a circle. Usually, mate is accompanied with biscuits, cook