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40 Pk Bulk Super Green Plant Food Nutrient Liquid Fertilizer Indoor House Plants

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40 Pc Super Green Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer Flowers Feed Grow Water Soluble

Comes with 10 Pc Per Pack
This Super Green all purpose fertilizer is a ready to use plant food for indoor/outdoor flowers and plants.
It helps speed up the growth of plants and flowers.
It is a fertilizer mixed with Nitrogen, Phosphoric acid and Potassium.
You can directly apply several drops of plants use with both indoor and outdoor plants, specifically lucky bamboo plants or Money Tree Frequency.
Add fertilizer on a weekly basis.
Fertilizer should be added after refreshing the water in the plant pot, if you are growing your lucky bamboo hydroponically -- in water, without soil.
Apply 2 to 3 drops of Plant Food per shoot if your plant has two shoots use 3 to 5 drops.
Fertilizer should be added directly to the water in the plant pot.
Take care not to spill fertilizer on the exposed plant shoots or leaves as concentrated fertilizer can cause harm to the plant.
Lucky Green claims that its fertilizer will prevent disease, brighten coloration and increase healthy growth of young shoots.
There is no evidence to support these claims.
Use of fertilizer is not essential to lucky bamboo growth as plants will survive without the added nutrients provided by fertilizer.
Volume In Each Bottle = 36ml (1.22ounce)