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This elegant gourd mate, comes with a metal straw (called bombilla).
Color: Green.
There are three elements needed to drink mate, as well as hot water. The first is a mate gourd, the second is a straw (bombilla), and the third is the leaves of the yerba mate herb. The straw has an extra large filter with decorative gold rim on top.
To drink mate is a tradition that brings people together. The mate gourd is refilled and passed around in a circle. Usually, mate is accompanied with biscuits, cookies, or other treats.

You will need to "cure" the Mate cup before using it for the first time.
This process must be done only once. To cure the Mate cup, please follow these instructions:
1.- Place yerba mate tea in the mate gourd "cup".
2.- Add warm water to it.
3.- Let rest for 24 to 48 hours.
4.- Remove the yerba, rinse the gourd and gently scrap the soft tissues with a spoon.
5.- The mate gourd cup it's now ready to be used.

Yerba mate has the following known therapeutic effects:
1.- Sustains your energy levels.
2.- Induce mental clarity.
3.- Provides antioxidants.
4.- Boost immune system.
5.- Improved digestion.
6.- Relieves stress.
7.- Aid weight loss.
8.- Cleanse the colon.
9.- Increase longevity.