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Argentina Innovative Mate Gourd with Spoon Cup Straw Bombilla Set Self Clean Red

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Argentina Innovative Mate Gourd Plastic Cup Straw Bombilla Set Self Clean Red!

Just serve and drink, no need to cure the gourd.
This is the ultimate kit to drink the Argentinian Mate herbal tea known for its energetic and therapeutic benefits.
The kit includes 1 Mate Gourd Cup and 1 Bombilla (straw).
Makes a great gift and souvenirs, great for tea parties, shower gifts and all those who want to keep an optimal health.

Yerba Mate has the following known therapeutic effects.
1. Sustains your energy levels
2. Induce metal clarity
3. Provides antioxidants
4. Boots immune system
5. Improved digestion
6. Relieves stress
7. Aid weight loss
8. Cleanse the colon
9. Increase longevity.