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River Plate Yerba Mate Con Palo CARP Original Bag Hierbas Serranas 1.1Lb 500gr

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River Plate Yerba Mate With Sticks CARP Original Bag Hierbas Serranas 1.1Lb 500gr !!

Yerba Mate is the perfect herb to share with loved ones. It stimulates the mind yet relaxes the body, uplifting the mood and spirit of the moment with a joyous energy. Folks traditionally prefer to share it under a tree together, but it can be enjoyed anywhere at anytime!
The mate is like tea, beverage most commonly consumed in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil as a healthful alternative to coffee.
This infusion is brewed from the dried leaves of Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) a native plant of subtropical Latin America.
1- Sustains your energy levels.
2- Induce mental clarity. 3- Provides antioxidants.
4- Boots immune system.
5- Improves digestion.
6- Aid weight loss.
7- Cleanse the colon.
8- Increase longevity.
9- Relieves stress.