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Leather Glass Yerba Mate Gourd Set Mate Cup Bombilla Straw Drink Argentina Brown

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Leather Glass Yerba Mate Gourd Set Mate Cup Bombilla Straw Drink Argentina Brown !!

This luxury edition of the traditional mate gourd in genuine leather handmade hand sewed is so beautiful.
Rim is made out of stainless steel, the gourd is covered on the inside glass.
This mate gourd comes with a bombilla straw that filters the tea, this is an original work of art.
The real leather sheath acts as a thermal barrier, keeping the temperature constant.
It also protects the glass and provides a firm grip.
Glass doesn't absorb flavors and odors, so the true taste of yerba mate always comes through.
Easy to clean and maintain.
This glass mate shape, with a narrow base and a wide opening, the best shape for optimal yerba mate flavor and duration.
There are three elements needed to drink mate, as well as hot water. The first is a mate, the second is a straw (bombilla), and the third is the leaves of the yerba mate herb (not included).
To drink mate is a tradition that brings people together. The mate gourd is refilled and passed around in a circle. Usually, mate is accompanied with biscuits, cookies, or other treats.>
Yerba mate has the following known therapeutic effects:
1.- Sustains your energy levels.
2.- Induce mental clarity.
3.- Provides antioxidants.
4.- Boost immune system.
5.- Improved digestion.
6.- Relieves stress.
7.- Aid weight loss.
8.- Cleanse the colon.
9.- Increase longevity.
Capacity: up to 5 ounces
Gourd Measures: 3 Inch width x 4 Inch height x 2 Inch base approx.
Bombilla length: 6".