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Maracanazo La Celeste The Uruguayan Team Mate Gourd Leather Glass Bombilla Straw Tea L Blue

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Authentic Leather Handmade Argentina Mate Gourd With Straw Bombilla !
This luxury edition of the traditional mate gourd in genuine leather handmade hand sewed is so beautiful.
Rim is made out of stainless steel, the gourd is covered on the inside glass.
Each mate is stitches by hand with a contrasting color of the leather.
This mate gourd comes with a bombilla straw that filters the tea, this is an original work of art.
Made in Argentina with the finest materials. Measures: drinking rim measures 3.25 in & 4 in long approx.
Mate is a tea-like beverage most commonly consumed in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil as a healthful alternative to coffee.
This infusion is brewed from the dried leaves of Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) a native plant of subtropical Latin America .
Some of the amazing properties of drinking are:
* Has therapeutic effects.
* Sustains your energy levels.
* Induce mental clarity.
* Provides antioxidants.
* Boots immune system.
* Improved digestion.
* Relieves stress.
* Aid weight loss.
* Cleanse the colon.
* Increase longevity.
* Perfect as a gift!
* Hand made and sewed
* Easy to clean
* 1 Bombilla included.
* Can be used with any loose teas as well